Karen Edwards
Music and Fourier Series (UConn Math Club, 3 Feb 2014) pdf or pptx
Lecture Videos - Not currently working.  Sadly, BlipTV has decided to focus on entertainment and eliminate educational videos from their service.  Boo!  Updates will appear here once videos are transitioned to a new site.  (Jan 2015)
Math 75 Spring 2009   (Prealgebra)
Math 120 Spring 2008   (Intermediate Algebra)
Math 292 Spring 2009   (Multivariable Calculus)
Math 110 Fall 2010
Class Handouts:
These are set up on an FTP page.  All documents appear in folders just like on your computer.  Sometimes the link below works and sometimes it doesn’t, so you may have to cut and paste the address directly into your web browser:
Note: I think if you are on the DVC wireless you can’t access ftp pages - you need to go to a computer that’s physically hooked into the internet.
Mathematica Notebooks (Instructions, Demos and Student Projects)
These are also set up on the FTP page listed above.
Calculus Field Trips Project
Funded by an NSF grant, this project brings DVC calculus classes to science and engineering firms which use calculus in their work.
Biking to DVC
My favorite route (Pleasant Hill BART to DVC):   directions  map
Find other routes on the East Bay Regional Park District: canal trail map
Dr. Karen Edwards
(Former) Math Professor
Diablo Valley College
I currently live in the Boston area and sadly had to leave my position at DVC after many wonderful years.  Please call the DVC Math Dept for contact info if needed.
Quote: Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
Math problem: If you cut a hole in an inner tube (torus) and turn it inside out what do you get?
Math books: The I Hate Mathematics Book, Aha!, Flatland, The Shape of Space.
Websites: First, a beautiful YouTube video on Mobius transformations.  Also, a great 1-minute brain test at http://www.dothetest.co.uk/ (video halfway down the page.)